What Makes Self-Maximization® Coaching Programs Different ?

Dr. Sanjeevv Khanna has not only mastered the art of IKIGAI himself; but also possesses the unique quality of communicating with his audience to help them realise life’s objective & purpose in a very subtle manner. His programs are transforming lives and helping people realise their true potential.

If you're looking for a program to help you evaluate, introspect and ponder about your purpose in this life, this would be it. Dr. Khanna is a master at his craft. He helps the audience to explore a new life-path to live a purposeful life of success, happiness and fulfilment.

If you are a Life-Coach or, a NLP practitioner or, a progressive HR professional or, Teacher / Lecturer or, someone who has good communication skills, then this programs gives you the much sought-after and required content to coach, mentor or guide people around you, in a highly rewarding way.


Introduction to (Dr) Sanjeevv Khanna

Dr. Sanjeevv Khanna, one of the most prominent name in Indian corporate world for over 3 decades. He has been a strategic advisor to numerous Boards and Top Management, providing guidance on Business Excellence, Supply Chain operations, Human Resources, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability.

Dr. Khanna is an avid learner and has done numerous management and life programs from prestigious institutions, such as IIM, IBMI-Berlin, University of Manchester, London, Canada, Stanford University, Oxford University, Harvard Business School, and the World Bank Group.

Dr. Khanna is a certified and registered Independent Director for Indian boards, a certified Human Resource Director, a Life Coach & NLP practitioner, and a Thought Leader. He is Founder of prestigious Academy for Self-Maximization®, as India’s first licensed IKIGAI coach by Ikigai Coaching Institute of Netherlands.

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